Tarshito was born in Johannesburg,South Africa 30th November 1949,as Lanny Behr.
He bought his first guitar, aged 11 and began composing and teaching himself.
His early musical years,through-out high school,were spent exploring his talent as a rhythm guitarist,live performer and composer.
While studying Mechanical Engineering at Witwatersrand University,Johannesburg,he blossomed as a composer and diversified as a guitarist,playing and studying lead,rhythm and bass, and exploring many different styles.(His first major work was "Freely Evergrow" a rock-opera-ballet in 1972)
As he began playing with some leading South African musicians (Josh Sklair,Alan Kwela,Julian Laxton,Dollar Brand,Johnny Clegg.....)he found it necessary to gain better theoretical knowledge and spent a year studying music at Witwaterand University and Berkley Jazz Scool,Boston,USA .
Experimenting with sounds,recordings of nature and creating ambient music tapes in the mid-seventies,he was way ahead of time.
Tarshito also had some TV and recording experience with more conventional music.
In 1976 Tarshito moved to Cape Town to do post graduate studies in Solar Energy.Here he played in top bands Feedback and Nexus and went on to form the first Fleeting Forest group (Afro-rock-jazz-classical and celestial music), giving free expression to his innovative composing.
After post-graduating in 1977, he "hit the road",spending the next 5 years travelling through South America learning the musics of Brazil.Peru,Chile and Bolivia.He performed with some leading South American musicians doing tours,concerts and festivals and played in Sacred Incan Temples.
A series of solo concerts "Rock,Ragas and Mantras" (a simulation of Indian ragas with all the musical,rhythmic and spiritual influences happening to him at the time) were very well received in Brazil and Chile.
This was followed by a year of playing meditation and celebration music in meditation centres in Brazil,California and South Africa,where Tarshito returned in 1983.
He spent the next year leading growth/therapy workshops (incorporating sound,silence and music ).
He played music for the Framework theatre company and recorderd music for TV and Video.
When Tarshito moved to Australia in 1984,he released these recordings on his first album "Ethereal Stream" (featuring Paul Kimmel on flute).
He began working with various local musicians (including Michael Cummings and Don Ruttan) and formed another "Fleeting Forest" group.
Tarshito bought recording equipment and embarked on an incredibly prolific recording career.
He produced another 2 albums "Umduzi" and "Breath On The Water" (released in 1986).
Meanwhile he began studying piano and "One Moment" (featuring Paul Kimmel and Don Ruttan on flutes) was released in 1987.
Ambient music has long been recognised for it's therapeutic relaxing qualities and Tarshito's is no exception.Practitioners of many kinds of alternate healing techniques have used his music to accompany their work. In 1988 he was commissioned to produce music for hypno-therapy which resulted in the album "Echoes Of Ancient Past" (with Tony Bucchanan on Soprano Sax and Kavi on Didgeridoo).
At this time Tarshito had built his own Solar powered recording studio.He invested in high tech. state of the art recording equipment and a computer and plunged into a new dimension of recording production.He re-recorded and digitally re-mixed all the previous albums.
Janet Goodrich (international Natural Vision Improvement therapist) commisioned Tarshito to produce music to enhance her work in April 1989. This resulted in a 6th album "The Movement Of Heaven"
In 1990 "Breath On The Water II" and "Gliding Through The Woods" (an Eastern-Ambient album with sitar player Sangeet) were both released.




Tarshito had a vision of playing live dance-meditation music and followed this through forming "Trance Dance" playing Afro-Latin-Funk-Rock.
1991 was a year of great expansion as the ploific composer moved in new directions with "Beyond The Music" (an album of Multi-Level-Listening-Music, featuing Tony Buchanan on flutes), "Jungle Walk" (Afro-Latin Jazz-Rock, with Tony Buchanan on saxes and flutes) and "Time and Again" (Eastern-Ambient-Rock fusion with Sangeet on sitar and Anthony Branagan on flute).
Tarshito's solid gounding in many musical styles has won him several awards and nominations.
November 1991 he won two North Coast Music Industry Awards for Production (for "Jungle Walk" and "Beyond The Music" ) and Ambient Music ( for "One Moment" and "Beyond The Music" ) whilst "Jungle Walk" was also nominated for the Jazz and Instrumental categories.



The 3 award winning albums (One Moment,Beyond The Music and Jungle Walk) were released on CD in July 1992.
"Time and Again" gained 3 nominations (for Instrumental,Ambient and Production categories) in the 1992 Dolphin Awards.
On returning from South Africa and Bali '92 Tarshito reformed a new Trance Dance band (with high calibre musicians,Greg Lyon,Jojo Smith,Steve Hopes and Nandano) playing highly improvised celestial- tribal- world music.




Another eclectic live music group he formed was the Tarshito Trio (Peter Haddock on flute,Peter Davidian on Tablas and Tarshito on guitar) which performed very successfully at the Maleny Festival New year 1993.
Tarshito returned to Bali in Feb. '93 and recorded with Balinese musician Inyomen Wasa.
Janet Goodrich (Natural Vision Improvement therapist) returned,with the success of the first work and commissioned Tarshito to produce another 2 albums,which resulted in the release of "Playing In The Rainbow".This album went on to win 2 Dolphin Awards 1993 (for Ambient Music and Production ).




The Tarshito Trio  performed again at the Maleny Festival New year 1994.
Both Playing In The Rainbow and Time and Again were released on CD in July 1994.




"Dreams of Passion" (an up-tempo Latin album) was released for the Woodford Festival,New year '95 as the new Solsito band played several well received concerts there.
1995 turned out to be another prolific period with another collaboration album "A Beautiful Day"with sitar player Sangeet and a Didgeridoo based album "Didja Dream?" both being released in July 1995.
In the 1995 Dolphin Awards Tarshito receives 3 nominations; "Didja Dream" for Spiritual Music, "La Luna Llena" for World Music, and The Musicianship Award.




The intensity of production flowed over into '96. The 3 albums released in '95 were all remixed,new tracks recorded and added and were remastered ready for CD release.
The work continued on the Voices of Gaia album and was finally mastered and released on CD in December.
A new album Traveller's Tales (Ambient-rock-fusion) with some recordings begun in '93 was produced and released on cassette at the end of Jan. '97.
Another spontaneous album Under The Crescent Moon (completely improvized,live recording) was recorded in a single take in a couple hours at Kittani Music Studio with Lula (violin),Peter Haddock (flute) and Tarshito (guitar).It was released on cassette in Dec.This Trio also played numerous live gigs throughout the year.
Tarshtio's productions were once again acknowledged in the '96 Dolphin Awards where "Coonar" (a track from the new Dreams of Passion CD) was nominated for Instrumental Category and "Didja Dream" for Ambient Music.




July 1997 Sangeet and Tarshito release the CD Between Bombay and Byron Bay This is Eastern-Fusion music, a cross-cultural journey from Bombay to Byron Bay the long way round.It features the beautiful Sitars of Sangeet along with Nanda on tablas, and Tarshito on guitars, bass and keyboards.This CD includes tracks from the albums A Beautiful Day and Gliding Through The Woods.
Tarshito's dreaming of playing Tribal-fusion music was realised in the formation , performances and finally album production of the Tribal Dolphusion band (with Dr Didge, Chinta, Pete Haddock and Dave Joseph) The album also includes toning by Chris James, sax by Tony Buchanan, sitar by Sangeet & violin by Lula.
He also collaborated with Ayla (from the Voices of Gaia) as musical director for a ritual theatre performance at IQ for Beltane in June '97.
Dr Didge and Tarshito began producing an album of Tribal-chakra-dophin-fusion music in September '97.
In the 1997 Dolphin Awards ,Tarshito received a nomination in the 1997 Dolphin Awards for the track Hot Chilli Pepper (from the to be released CD Dreams of Passion) for the World Music Award, Dr Didge's album Naked Didge won the promotional artwork category,which Tarshito recorded,produced and did the Graphic Art and The Voices of Gaia album (which Tarshito recorded and produced) was nominated for album of the year.




The Tribal Dolphusion recording sessions were completed in February 1998,resulting in 2 albums released in July '98. Playphin (from the Tribal Dolphusion album) was nominated for World Music and Tribal Dolphusion album for Promotional Artwork in the 1998 Dolphin Awards.
Tarshito played ritual ceremony music for the 9th Annual Mens Festival, Dec '98.
He recorded and produced "Sacred Chants",an album of Bajan music for Mark & Sylvie from the Rainbow Tribe.




Recording began in January 1999 on another Eastern-fusion album with Sangeet .This album, Taralinga Lila was released in July '99 . It gained Dolphin Award nominations for Album Production, World and Ambient Music 1999.
From March to July '99 Tarshito travelled through Thailand,Laos,India and Nepal playing with many local musicians and composing all the way.No doubt this influence appeared on future recordings.(see Asian Journey)
Two days before leaving for India Tarshito played and recorded a live gig at the Temple of Yum. After returning from his travels he edited and mastered this into and album, Live at the Temple of Yum
This is a special edition live album with Peter Haddock on flute,Matt Goodwin on drums,Barry Hill on Bass,Tarshito on guitars and vocals and chorus vocals by Jannelle and Ditti.It is a full on,live energy,afro-latin dance album filled with spontaneous improvisation,fun and good vibes.
Tarshito composed and played music for the Solstice /Full moon ritual-theatre celebration at IQ, Byron Bay on 22nd December '99.




Sonic Tonic ( a shamanistic,music,healing group with Chris James,Darpan,Russel Hibbs,Dr Didge and Tarshito)  did concerts and workshops at the Healing Festival in Bangalow 1999 & 2000 and Sydney Mind Body Spirit festival 2000.
Winter 2000 Tarshito & Dr Didge began recording Animal Medicine Music.
It was released in Nov 2000 and received Dolphin Award nominations for World and Ambient Music 2000.
"Fleeting Forest" a track from Relax received a Dolphin Award nomination for Ambient Music 2000 and "On a Roll",now on the Acoustic Guitar Sampler  album received a Dolphin Award nomination for Instrumental Music 2000.




After purchasing a new computer Tarshito began remastering all previous albums and produced a series of compilation albums,as well as a few new releases in 2001.
Asian Journey   A new Eastern-fusion,acoustic album.

Didja Dance?  A funky,dance compilation album,featuring didgerdoo with other instruments. High energy,tribal,world-fusion.

Didja Dream Too?  After many requests for a didge only album ,this is it.It features Dr Didge,Si, and Kavi.

Blue Space   A new spacey,meditative album with unreleased tracks recorded over the past 10 years.

Inner Temple   A compilation of the ‘best’ spacey,relaxing music from various Tarshito albums.

Relax    A flute album featuring the awesome flautist,Paul Kimmel playing some newly recorded tracks from Ethereal Stream and tracks off several other albums.

Electric Guitar Sampler   An exciting compilation featuring Tarstito’s unique electric guitar styles.From soulful space to funky,kick arse,gut-wrenching lead breaks and multiple-harmonied layers of guitars that ring to the very core.

Acoustic Guitar Sampler  A cruisy compilation of Tarshrto’s most superb acoustic steel string & Spanish guitar compositions.

Sitar Meditations      This is a selection of the finest gentle sitar music from various albums by Sangeet & Tarshito.

Tarshito also recorded and produced "Mother's Mantra" for Ashera Hart (An English vocalist now residing in San Francisco)  and "Thunder Child" for Brendon Doov (A very talented Australian multi-instrumentalist).
Both of these artists played on new tracks Tarshito is busy producing.

The end of 2001 he began studying and playing Darabuka (Mid-Eastern drum).Eventually playing with a Bellydance troupe at Woodford Folk Festival,as well as doing several other guitar gigs with various musicians.



Tarshito produced an album of guided relaxation for Yoga Teacher Peter Bisson from Brisbane.

Following a series of gigs playing chants and bajans upon numerous requests Tarshito began recording "Chanting Into Bliss" album.This turned out to be the biggest vocal album Tarshito has undertaken.So large that he invested in updating his equipment.
This album was released on CD in August 2002.

He also began playing and jamming and recording with Guy Madigan (Sirrocco and Romaniacs) and Paul Odolphus.Phil Levy from the Romaniacs joined in to form Odlphus who have had several successful performances.

In October 2002  Tarshito met up with Efiq,an Indonesian musician from Bandung,Java.(He has played with many amazing musicians from around the globe,including Indonesian bands Krakatau, Sambasunda, and Jugala Allstars). They had several amazing jams and landed up in the studio.They made a few  incredible recordings.The music fuses Efiqs versatile talents on Kendang (Indonesian tunable drums),Kechapi (Indonesian harp), Suling (Indonesian flute) and several other instruments and Tarshito's talents on a range of guitars,bass,percusion and vocals.

The album has been released as Indo-Oz Peace Check it out!

 Several of Tarshito's compositions have are now available  from Music ala Carte and appear on the following compilation albums available from Music Mozaic.

Healing Music , Return To Serenity , Sanctum ,Didgeridoo Groove,Dreaming Didgeridoo



Over new year 2003 Tarshito  played several gigs including the Higher Self Ball,Bangalow,Byron Bay New Years Eve Festival and Woodford Folk Festival.
2003 has also been filled with live music,one such project has been the Ecstatic Dance Band.A trancey world music dance band with Eastern-Afro-Latin influences fused with funk,jazz,rock,reggae,folk and ambience.

 Tarshito has been playing cafe gigs around Byron Bay and playing music for the Sonic Soaks (a relaxing,float in a heated pool,with underwater speakers pumping out beautiful live, healing music, with Tarshito and Dr Didge and one or two guest musicians. There's an assistant to move your body,massage and help you relax,projected images on a screen and a chill out zone with spa and sauna to relax and continue your cosmic water experience!!! For bookings call Dr Didge 0266853352.

Another project was Multi-media performance with live improvised music to incredible images by Scott Taylor and Michael Rogowski.

April '03 Tarshito  produced the album "Fields Of Green" for Paul Benheim at Movie World's Audio Studio,Cutting Edge on the Gold Coast,Queensland,Australia.The album is available directly from Tarshito tarshito@hotmail.com or at http://www.hempmusic.com/buynow.html


In June he began recording the Grand Mother Drum.....

"GrandMother Drum's HEARTBEAT on CD!
Thanks to all who called out around the world with requests to hear the GrandMother Drum Activation on CD. Your intention has brought the vision into reality!.  With the loving talent and professionalism of international recording artist, Tarshito of Kittani Studios  we have now started recording. Please check out Tarshito's website at www.tarshito.net. With over 30 CDs to his recording history, this amazing new age artist is the Yanni of Australia!

On Wednesday June 11, 2003, three microphones were set to capture GrandMother's heart beating and the droning activation of the 200+ crystals inside her base. Joined by cockatoos, lorakeets and kookaburras, GrandMothers activation rang clear from the deck of Kittani Santurary through the Kildare of volcanic, Mt.Wollumbin and out through the "Ring of Fire".  Sacred to the Bunjalung peoples, Mt.Wollumbin is the mountain where the sun first touches the Australian continent.  We have since spent over a week in the studio with GrandMother rocking the walls with her heartbeart of love. "  ................Suraj Holzwarth
Director, International Spiritual Healer, Musician and DrumKeeper 

The album was released in Dec '03  and Tarshito is distributing it in Australia.

In Dec '03 Suchet (an incredible tabla player from Dheli,India ) connected with Tarshito.Paul Kimmel (flautist extraordinare from California),was staying with Tarshito at the time.So the trio had some amazing jams and performances and of course did some great recordings.



Sangeet,the sitar man visited in May 2004 to recorded the next collaboration album "Metamorphosis". It was almost completed,but was put on hold while Tarshito went on an amazing Australian desert journey for 6 weeks during the winter 2004 and returned with much inspiration.Sangeet returned in September and the album was completed and released by the end of the year.

The new Hemp album was also started in September 04.A collaboration with Paul Benheim. ,using hemp plastic didgeridoos.Rob Neil (harp) and Tarshito (guitar) improvised the bulk of the tracks. Elen (vocals) , Jeremy (pan pipes) and Sangeet (sitar) then improvised over the "bed tracks" and Tarshito used his production skills to create another amazing sound tapestry!


The album "Oceans Of Blue" was released in February 2005.

During 2004 Tarshito began playing live music with a new band ZING.(Dance,rock,world,funky,trance music).They began recording towards the end of 2004.

The album Zing - Seeds of Thought  is available now!

Tarshito played gong with the Longong Sari Gamelong orchestra at Woodford Folk Festival 2005.

 Tarshito is collaborating and recording with Siddha,an Indian Raga singer from Dheli,India.

In May 2005 Tarshito began composing and producing music for the film "The Gathering" by Kim Kindersly.

It's an amazing movie  to be shown on the ABC. For more info on the movie got to www.heartmagic.com

He also produced and played on the track "River of Love" by Bunna Lowrie (an Aboriginal elder from the Meuning Tribe,from the band Coloured Stone) The track will be released on the international Greenpeace album and on the Peace Now album  released in Byron Bay on 16/9/05.

In about June 2005 Tarshito began practicing , studying , singing and playing ragas.His own adaptation from Sarod to guitar, raga practice, of the master sarod player Ali Akbar Khan.This has lead to composing a series of new tracks for the album  Funky Ragas.

Tarshito has also been performing with   Kevin James and the Optamystics.They received an incredible reception at the Byron Bay Peace Festival,September 2005,where they performed with Bunna Lourie and elders from the Elka Tribe.The performance was filmed as part of Kim's film "The Gathering"

In September 2005 a German company Edition Reus, released 2 compilation albums of Tarshito music on their series Trance Relax.

Two more albums of his music will be released in their next series release.

The track "Didja Dream?" from same title album was also released on an Australian compilation "Red Earth"

In September 2005 flautist Paul Kimmel arrived back in Australia to settle nearby.They have been playing live music gigs, together, again.

"Mashala" from "Chanting Into Bliss I" album wins the NCEIA Dolphin Award for Devotional Music 2005 and "Red Earth" from "Oceans Of Blue"   album is nominated for NCEIA Dolphin Award for World Music 2005



The ZING album   Zing - Seeds of Thought  is  released  March 2006.

The Gathering movie is finished and won the best movie award at  The Byron Film Festival 2006. 

The track "Nagarkot" from Asian Journey  album is released on a new Australian compilation album.

"Raag Mullum" from the Zing - Seeds of Thought album is nominated for NCEIA Dolphin Award for World Music 2006

"Govinda" a track from a new chanting album in the making Chanting Into Bliss II  is nominated for the NCEIA Dolphin Award for Devotional Music 2006

November 2006 Funky Ragas album is released.

December 2006 Didja Groove? CD is released.



Chanting Into Bliss II  released January 2007.

Travel and tour New Zealand Feb/March 2007.

June 2007 begin weekly Chanting group.

"Zaz" a track from a  album Funky Ragas   won the NCEIA Dolphin Award for World Music 2007



African Drum Grooves  released January 2008.

Greetings From Mars released November 2008. 

Awarded the NCEIA Dolphin Award for World Music 2008 & was nominated for Ambient Music Award 2008.



Chanting Into Bliss III   released in April 2009

Travel and tour in Bali, Vietnam & China.

Mystic Moments   released in December 2009



Shake Your Kundalini    released in January 2010

September Travel and play gigs in Thailand and Bali



Spirit Of  Creation   released in January 2011

March/April Travel and play gigs in Thailand and Bali

Chanting Into Bliss 4  released October 2011



Sudden Inspiration released in June 2012

Produced album for Christine Lee, Seaweed Wine released in June 2012

Produced album with sitar player Sangeet,  using live choir.

  Good Vibration    released in August 2012

Produced an album of  Trance Ragas with Vinod Prasana on bansuri,Sangeet on Sitar, Megan Chandler and Sidhant Bhatia  on vocals.

Released in Dec 2012.


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